JEL Corporate Connect

How can you best support your employees transition in the hybrid work era for long-term profitable and growth?

  • Yes, any astute business leader realizes that the difference between success and failure is a united group of motivated employees.
  • However, with your staff working different schedules in different locations, how do you effectively bring them together to learn, work and feel like a team?
  • This is not an easy question, and we do not presume to have all the answers. However, it needs to start at a fundamental level.
  • When we think of team-building skills, we often focus on communication, active listening, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and trust.
  • We tend to ignore the more fundamental human elements of the abovementioned skills. For example, to be an active listener, you need to have qualities of humility and empathy.
  • It is easy to say that people should develop these qualities, but it’s an entirely different thing to foster them in yourself-let alone others.

The great Henry Ford said "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

JEL Corporate Connect gives you the opportunity to put together any kind of event​​

  • The Latest Innovative Online Platforms
  • Current and Trending Entertainment Events
  • Offsite and Online Team Building to support profitability and growth
  • Traditional / Hybrid Training Summits and Conferences
  • Creating Extraordinary Culture Company Wide

JEL Corporate Connect is your solution!

The latest innovation in online information and entertainment platforms, JEL gives you the opportunity to put together any kind of virtual event, from an employee weekend retreat to an informative training summit right on through to a national conference. Take advantage of a hybrid-style meeting with only some attendees participating online while the rest are actually there in person. JEL even has a stellar lineup of professional business speakers and experienced entertainers ready to amuse and inspire your team, saving you the time and effort of tracking them down.

JEL Corporate Connect's 6 Digital Transformation Foundational Principles

  1. Permission to Fail Forward (We fail together, learn and move forward together)
  2. Transparency (A true gift to management and staff)
  3. Mutual Appreciation (There is no single truth)
  4. We all have one Life (There is a Work-life balance)
  5. Curious Mind & Continuous Learning (Always innovating and researching strategies)
  6. Our Way (We are not following ready-made paths; we are creating our own.)