JEL Consulting

How can we ditch the top-down leadership approach?

This isn’t an easy question and we don’t presume to have all the answers, but it needs to start at a very fundamental level.

When we think of team-building skills, we often focus on communication, active listening, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and trust.

However, we tend to ignore the even more fundamental, human elements of the skills above. For example, to be an active listener, you need to have qualities of humility and empathy.

Now it’s quite easy to say that people should develop these qualities, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually foster them in yourself—let alone others

As a small business owner, I understand the struggle. I help other business leaders, through Team |Time | Transition to become profitable.

Customer Experience Audit

We audit your company profile through the eyes of the customer. Strategizing ways to move the experience ahead. We focus on Team, Time, & Transformation.

Customer & Employee Audit

We help to reset organization from the bottom up. Bridging the gap in all areas, through Facilitator lead workshops. Our goal is to make organization as great as the people within.

Facilitator | Convention Creator

We bring the world of web to life on your screen. Offering a wide range of solution. Team meeting to world class virtual interaction. We guide organization through transition, creating space for everyones voice to be heard.