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Ready to add fun back into connecting with family and friends?

Have you missed those fun and intimate moments with family and friends?

We are bringing everyone together for those special moments you may have missed over the last little while.

Transitioning to the digital-first model has been challenging, to say the least. However, think about how you can stay in touch with relatives all over the world, friends in different cities and time zones, and create those new memories as if they were sitting right next to you.

You are curating memorable events that make you feel like everyone is in the room with you.

We are here to help you experience those cherished moments together as a family.

Remember how to laugh, cry and be a part of something that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Let us help you create your personalized experience to bring your family and friends close together again.


When you are blessed with that winning spirit, there’s nothing more exciting than a little upbeat competition among friends! It is a beautiful way to stay involved with relatives and loved ones living afar.

The family that plays together stays together!

Your favourite interactive entertainment platform, JELifestyle, has the perfect forum for gaming fun!

No waiting is necessary! Connect to the space with one click! Each player or team receives a code, so come in whenever you want.

The live screen will show up to 10 participants. However, you can invite as many as you like.

With a great selection of popular online games, JEL has everything you need for virtual high-energy enjoyment!

Want to create a private group? No problem!


I mean, we all know the basics. Wine improves with age. We improve with wine.

HOWEVER…. if you have ever been curious enough to contemplate wine like an expert, to understand how to judge its characteristics like clarity and bouquet, if you ever wanted to learn more about the various regions and the famous types of grapes, you are at the right place!

Here at JELifestyle, we have an open-door policy regarding appreciating the finer vintages in life. You show up with wine, and  JEL will open the door virtually!

Our experts will even guide you in choosing the red and white wine for each weekly session.

With your friends, you could connect with wine connoisseurs from all over; you will uncork each bottle and discover its secrets.

Sit back, sip and savour each glass in the comfort of your own space with no concerns about how to get home.


When it comes to that special occasion, a birthday bash, a wedding or baby shower, graduation, retirement party… you name it…JEL allows every guest to participate in the action, even if they are currently miles away! Yes!

Join the exciting new world of “hybrid” events, combining in-person and online enjoyment of every celebration imaginable! And BONUS! Everything is customized to you, your occasion, and your needs. No more disappointed and left out because you could not make the trip.

Feel free to select a convenient day and time to connect, and we will go over all the details!


No matter that special occasion, JELifeStyle makes it possible for every guest to participate in the action, no matter how far away!

When it comes to that special occasion

  • Customized events
  • Personalized experiences curated just for you
  • Anything goes; wedding, baby shower, birthday, retirement party, graduation 
  • World-class event facilitators and coordinators 
  • We handle the technology and details, so you do not have to stress

You name it… JEL allows every guest to participate in the action, even if they are currently miles away! Yes! 

Everything is customized to meet the wishes of your special occasion.

Feel free to select a convenient day and time to connect, and we will go over all the details!

The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate! – Oprah Winfrey